Welcome to the place that is all about me!

Hi there, come and explore the space that is all about me. My name is Aramis, I will not accept any other name. I am often called strange or weird which I AM PROUD OF. You will not find me unless I want you to. I have one obsession that is dear to me, and that is MUSIC. I play the cello and I love it very much. I have played with the Willimantic Orchestra, I've also played in the ERMSMF ( Eastern Region Middle School Music Festival) Including the school Orchestra. My favorite type of music is fast, challenging, flowing music. Such as the Firebird Suite from Stravinski, and Symphony #3 from Bach. I also like to draw, NOT NECESSARILY, more of sketching. I like sketching science fiction with a lot of details wether its scars or shadows. I also enjoy reading very much. My favorite type of books are science fiction. Such as Wolf Brother or Epic. I'm a hard worker especially when it comes to grades or something I'm determined to achieve. People have often called me a perfectionist, I agree. Anyways, you must be really be interested in my personality if you're still reading this. I can be very mature or a seven year old child if I choose. I have skills useful to me such as persuasion, multi-tasking etc. (I'll spare you the details). I also come in a stimulus package with a combinationg of asthma and anger issues (that I find easy to control). If you want the duel pack you will recieve potential cancer and diabetes. I work best when I'm under pressure (WEIRD). I also like to write (I bet you didn't know that), I like to write comedies and science fictionm stories. I may seem odd to some, until you get to know me (then I get real weird). My other abilities also include making friendships fairly quickly, and fixing life problems. Seriously, if you're still reading this then you must really be interested in me, even I would have lost interest. By the way I'm very friendly so don't get a wrong impression. That's one other thing, I lose interest in anything quickly (BESIDES MUSIC). I'm very amazed if you've made it this far, it seems like it's never going to end. Whatever I'm bored (get it?) As you can see by the font my favorite color is green and black. In addition to that this is what I look up to:

external image 20080423_114844_456vbn_0.jpg It's called a Rakshasa, there are much more, look it up I'm sure you'll find some more! external image meranoblackcello1.jpg That's a cello if you didn't know.

Bye now, see you on the parallel universe I call school Or NOT