Anaya Tutor

I love reading funny chapter books like Judy Moody, Dork Diaries and more! I like to write stories when I'm in my reading class because it makes me calm when I'm in a classroom. I like to play bowling on my wii and I usually get at least 2 strikes in there. I love spending time with my family on the weekends because It's the time when we all get together and we have fun moments! After school I usually hang out with my friends at there house or my house, we go outside and walk around.. I'm a shy person but once when I get to know that person I won't be shy with them anymore. I have a brother and 3 sisters but the 1 one is my stepsister but I feel like she's my real. I love to play the wii and my to FAVORITE games are Just Dance 2 and Wii Sports! I'm like a helper person, I help them with there like give them some advice and some details. I like to use the computer a lot when someone askes me to computer I have to say in a minute but It's not a minute It's like another hour! I love drawing different types of pictures and coloring because I get bored sometimes and when I have nothing to do I do that. So I have something to do is being a tutor.