Hi I am Angel.I am becoming a Writing Turtor in WMS.
I have 1 brother,1 sister,1 dad and 1 mom.I live with them and my dog Spike.
My favorite band is Green Day.My favorite song from Green Day is 21 guns.
I play in the band and chorus in WMS.In band i play the Drums,Xylophone,and Piano.In chorus I am in the low section.
My favorite dog is a pug.
I love reading.My favorite series are the Eragon series.I have the game,movie,and going to read the whole series.
My favorite subject in school is Math,Band,and Chorus.
My favorite colors are Ocean blue and forest green as you can tell.(I am writing in my favorite colors.)
I like to play World of Warcraft (wow).
I want to become a lawyer some day.I want to be the best Lawyer ever!
My favorite catch phrase is OH YA! and In ya face!